On May 16, 2017, ARMA Jacksonville members had the pleasure of hearing Bill Manago, CRM, speak about big data. Walmart and Amazon know more about you than you do. In fact, there is more data in the cloud about you that will last forever, long after you have left this world. Are you ready for the age of big data?

Members met in beautiful St. Augustine Beach at the St. Augustine Beach City Hall Commission's Chambers and enjoyed Mr. Manago's presentation while eating a yummy boxed lunch from Panera.

Bill Manago, CRM, serves as the World-Wide Information Governance and Big Data Portfolio Manager at HPE.  Bill works closely with the HPE’s software development teams to ensure that IM&G software meets all RIM standards and provide RIM professionals with the tools required to manage both paper and electronic documents (records or non-records).  In addition, Bill serves as HPE’s Information Governance Subject Matter Expert (SME) and provides records and information governance best practices consulting services to government, legal, and corporate organizations. 

Bill was previously employed by the US Department of Defense for 21 years where he established the Joint Interoperability Test Command’s Records Management Certification Test Facility after co-authoring the first ever standard on records management – the “Design Criteria Standard for Records Management Applications” (DoD5015.2-STD). 

Bill is a leading authority on electronic records management standards and technology and is a major contributor to ARMA & AIIM standard development committees and best practices committee.  Bill is a frequent speaker at various AIIM, ARMA, and NIRMA international, national, regional, and chapter levels. Bill currently serves on the ARMA committee responsible for development of the questions and scenarios used for the Information Governance Professional (IGP) certification exam.

Bill has provided recent consulting services to the following organizations:

•  Social Security Administration (SSA)    •  Estee Lauder Corporation

•  Project Management Institute (PMI)    • Elan Pharmaceutical

•  Food and Drugs Administration (FDA)